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Welcome to our website, we have dedicated ourselves to the professional delivery of safety related training packages and safety equipment sales to all industries across Australia.

Many companies struggle to teach the basics, but here at the Australian Safety Centre we pride ourselves for not only delivering the best possible safety training but help to change the attitudes towards working safely. Employee's often feel empowered after our training and take ownership of new initiatives.

We are able to help you with your safety requirements, compliance and excel in providing on-site courses. If required an entire training system can be built around Your needs.

We take our commitment to you very seriously and strive to achieve the understanding needed for today's complicated workplace. You will be pleased to know that We back up what we say and Guarantee our Quality.

When it comes to the best equipment, Contact us with regards to your safety needs, we only sell Australian Standard Approved equipment for Australian workplaces. We can ensure that you purchase the correct equipment for Your workplace at the right price.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

Mark Jenkins

Australian Safety Centre

"Safety Shouldn't Happen By Accident!!"

Proudly 100% Australian Owned and Operated with Real Emergency Services Trainined Instructors.


















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Fire Warden Training

Chief Fire Warden Training

Workplace First Response Fire Training



First Response Fire Training fire extinguisher

Initial Fire Team Training

Intermediate Fire Team Training

Emergency Response Team Leader Training

Fire Safety Advisor Training



Apply First Aid Training

Occupational First Aid Training

CPR Training

Advanced Resuscitation Training

Low Voltage Rescue Training


Risk Assessment Training

Permit Issuer Training

Gas Testing Training

Low Voltage Rescue Training



One Day Confined Space Entry Training

Two Day Confined Space Entry & CPR Training

Confined Space Entry & BA Training

Breathing Apparatus Training

Confined Space Rescue Training


Height Safety Training

Tower Rescue Training

Vertical Rescue Training



Confined Space Rescue Training

Tower Rescue Training

Vertical Rescue Training

Road Accident Rescue Training

Low Voltage Rescue Training



Emergency Response Team Training Sessions

Breathing Apparatus Training

HAZMAT Response Training

Initial Fire Team Training

Intermediate Fire Team Training

Emergency Response Team Leader Training

Confined Space Rescue Training

Vertical Rescue Training

Road Accident Rescue Training



Fire Warden Refresher Training

First Aid Refresher Training

Occupational First Aid Refresher Training

CPR Refresher Training

Confined Space Refresher Training

Work Safely at Height Refresher Training

Tower Rescue Refresher Training

Vertical Rescue Refresher Training

Road Accident Rescue Refresher Training

Fire Team Refresher Training

Confined Space Awareness Training

Melbourne Confined Space Awareness Training

Sydney Confined Space Awareness Training

Brisbane Confined Space Awareness Training

Perth Confined Space Awareness Training

Adelaide Confined Space Awareness Training

Darwin Confined Space Awareness Training

Confined Space Entry Training

Melbourne Confined Space Entry Training

Sydney Confined Space Entry Training

Brisbane Confined Space Entry Training

Perth Confined Space Entry Training

Adelaide Confined Space Entry Training

Darwin Confined Space Entry Training

Confined Space Refresher Training

Melbourne Confined Space Refresher Training

Sydney Confined Space Refresher Training

Brisbane Confined Space Refresher Training

Perth Confined Space Refresher Training

Adelaide Confined Space Refresher Training

Darwin Confined Space Refresher Training

Breathing Apparatus Training

Melbourne Breathing Apparatus Training

Sydney Breathing Apparatus Training

Brisbane Breathing Apparatus Training

Perth Breathing Apparatus Training

Adelaide Breathing Apparatus Training

Darwin Breathing Apparatus Training

Height Safety Training

Melbourne Height Safety Training

Sydney Height Safety Training

Brisbane Height Safety Training

Perth Height Safety Training

Adelaide Height Safety Training

Darwin Height Safety Training

Fire Warden & Chief Warden Training

Melbourne Fire Warden & Chief Warden Training

Sydney Fire Warden & Chief Warden Training

Brisbane Fire Warden & Chief Warden Training

Perth Fire Warden & Chief Warden Training

Adelaide Fire Warden & Chief Warden Training

Darwin Fire Warden & Chief Warden Training

Tower Rescue Training

Melbourne Tower Rescue Training

Sydney Tower Rescue Training

Brisbane Tower Rescue Training

Perth Tower Rescue Training

Adelaide Tower Rescue Training

Darwin Tower Rescue Training

Road Accident Rescue Training

Melbourne Road Accident Rescue Training

Sydney Road Accident Rescue Training

Brisbane Road Accident Rescue Training

Perth Road Accident Rescue Training

Adelaide Road Accident Rescue Training

Darwin Road Accident Rescue Training

Confined Space Rescue Training

Melbourne Confined Space Rescue Training

Sydney Confined Space Rescue Training

Brisbane Confined Space Rescue Training

Perth Confined Space Rescue Training

Adelaide Confined Space Rescue Training

Darwin Confined Space Rescue Training

HAZMAT Response Training

Melbourne HAZMAT Response Training

Sydney HAZMAT Response Training

Brisbane HAZMAT Response Training

Perth HAZMAT Response Training

Adelaide HAZMAT Response Training

Darwin HAZMAT Response Training

Initial Firefighting Training

Melbourne Initial Firefighting Training

Sydney Initial Firefighting Training

Brisbane Initial Firefighting Training

Perth Initial Firefighting Training

Adelaide Initial Firefighting Training

Darwin Initial Firefighting Training

Occupational First Aid Training

Melbourne Occupational First Aid Training

Sydney Occupational First Aid Training

Brisbane Occupational First Aid Training

Perth Occupational First Aid Training

Adelaide Occupational First Aid Training

Darwin Occupational First Aid Training

Apply First Aid Training

Melbourne Apply First Aid Training

Sydney Apply First Aid Training

Brisbane Apply First Aid Training

Perth Apply First Aid Training

Adelaide Apply First Aid Training

Darwin Apply First Aid Training

Vertical Rescue Training

Melbourne Vertical Rescue Training

Sydney Vertical Rescue Training

Brisbane Vertical Rescue Training

Perth Vertical Rescue Training

Adelaide Vertical Rescue Training

Darwin Vertical Rescue Training













































































Customer Testimonials

Thanks for your prompt service and professional attention to our Safety at Height training requirements. Your quick response at very short notice and professional attitude to safety training is very much appreciated.
We look forward to working with you in the future."

Patrick Cody - Technical Director AECOM - Facade Engineering

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